Friday, 14 June 2013

The Noemi Tote
Made in Kenya

Stella McCartney is one of my favourite high profile designer brands.  Each season, I yearn to own one of her exquisitely tailored jackets to wear as a treasured piece for years to come.  One day...

I also admire Stella McCartney for staying true to her ethics.   As part of the Brand's ongoing collaboration with the International Trade Centre, a range of hand-made recycled Stella McCartney tote bags have been created in Kenya.

The International Trade Centre provides work to disadvantaged communities in Africa.  The aim of this collaboration with Stella McCartney, is to generate economic independence for the Kenyan artisans who have created the Noemi bags.   Of the artisans questioned, 93% stated that they were now able to educate their children due to their earnings from the project.

My tailored jacket can wait.  This season, my Stella McCartney purchase has to be The Noemi Tote.

The Noemi Tote
Made in Kenya

The Noemi Tote
Made in Kenya

Friday, 7 June 2013

My tailor is a rockstar

Studio Jux
My Nepali Tailor is a Rockstar

Studio Jux is an eco friendly design led fashion brand with a philosophy for fair trade and fun.  Jux is a German word for fun.  Studio Jux believe that fashion should be fun.  Fun for the customer.  Fun for the designer. - and, more importantly, fun for the tailors who produce their collections.

Studio Jux believe their tailors are rockstars.

To promote the tailor's who work in the brand's Nepalese factory, Studio Jux has produced a printed 100% organic cotton T.Shirt:  My Nepali Tailor is a Rockstar.

The brand have also designed labels to promote the tailors who work in their own factory in Nepal as well as factories used in Portugal and China.

Studio Jux = Design + Eco + Fair

Customers can also shake hands with their tailor by checking a numbered label in their Studio Jux clothing.  The number corresponds to a specific tailor.  By going to the Studio Jux website, clicking handshake, customers can meet their Rockstar Tailor.